Smuggler Costume

The Smuggler costume was the very first bonfire dress born out of necessity. As you will see from the Lewes Borough Time Line, the early celebrations were not received very well by the authorities.

In 1853, the boys all wore blue and white hooped jerseys, red hats and face masks therefore making identification of individuals a very difficult task.

Today, although it is no longer necessary to hide behind masks, the Smugglers are still one of the main costumes on bonfire night. Many of the Smugglers hold working positions within the society such as pulling the torch carts, marshalling the ranks, distributing torches, carrying banners and carrying illuminated pieces.

The Smugglers costume for the Lewes Borough Bonfire Society is white trousers, knitted royal blue and white hooped jumper, red neckerchief, red woolly hat and black boots.  It is an ideal costume for first timers to get a feel for the celebrations and the oldest bonfire society in Lewes.