Your Society Needs You

Contrary to popular belief, we actively encourage all members to participate in activities throughout the year and on the 5th.  No matter how little you may able to offer, every little bit helps. Below are just a few examples where your skills would be very much appreciated.  None of these are long term commitments but we’re sure once you give something a go that you feel you may enjoy you will be hooked.

Fundraising Events 

Throughout the year we organise many fundraising events such as quiz nights, race nights, fetes & the great camping weekend. Your support at these is most welcome whether it be suggesting new events, organising, setting up or just turning up.

Torch Making

This is a great way particularly for new members to get to know their fellow community. It is also a great way to get the kids involved.

Programme Selling

Another easy one for the newbies & youngsters to help with. There is a cup to be won for the best seller each year.

Tableau Building

This is a great one for those with an artistic flair or woodworking skills. 

Bonfire Building

Our captain of fire site would really appreciate as much help as possible building our huge bonfire each year

Charity Collections

We always need members to rattle buckets at the crowds on the 5th.  This again is an ideal job for some of our younger members but providing you can walk then give us a hand.


A crucial role to ensure our night goes safely & smoothly.