Officers of the Society

Chairman – Jason WinterCaptain of Tableau – Jason Winter
Vice Chairman – Mick Symes Deputy Captain of Tableau – Sam Everest
Secretary – Sharon Read Captain of Torches – Roy Cooper
Assistant Secretary – Fiona Heasman Deputy Captain of Torches – Justin Sedar
Treasurer – Sarah Beadle Captain of Torch Carts – Ray Richardson
Assistant Treasurer – Roger ReadCaptain of Fiery Pieces – Justin Sedar
Membership Secretary – Fiona HeasmanCaptain of Tar Barrel – Luke Winter
Press Officer – Mick Symes War Memorial Team – Natasha Young & Kayleigh Read 
Commander in Chief – Susannah Hunt Captain of Bands – Kez Woodward
Aide de Camp – Mark Heasman Captain of Boxes – Darren Luckhurst
Chief Marshall – Steve Hall Captain of Banners – Darren Newnham
Deputy Chief Marshall – Jerry Booth Captain of Firesite – Stuart Geer
Captain of Ranks – Mark BlakeCaptain of Gate & Security (Firesite) – Mick Symes
Deputy Captain of Ranks – Simon Odey Deputy Captain of Gate – Vicky Barker
First Pioneer Chief – Emma Richardson Captain of Programmes – TBA
Second Pioneer Chief – Sharon Goble Safety Officer – Ian Allsobrook
Captain of Aerial – Roger Read Archbishop – Peter French
Deputy Captain of Aerial – Stuart GostockClergy – Jane French & Daniel Abbott
Captain of Street Fireworks – Luke Winter Official Photographer – Zak Winter
Captain of Effigy – Luke Winter Captains of Merchandise – Samantha & Zak Winter